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Active management and decision making is critical in an ever changing world. Our team specializes in producing and adapting quantitative analysis with fundamental research throughout a range of investment strategies seeking conditionally un-correlated returns.

Myst Capital utilizes this strategic foundation to give investors exposure to the assets that are the core essentials of the future.


Real Assets & Industrial Materials

Real assets and industrial materials sit at the foundation of every secular shift in the global economy. From the energy transition to digital and technological transformations, a plethora of materials are needed to make these . Myst Capital provides investors with access to discretionary strategies in the real assets witnessing the demand shifts from global secular trends.


Secular economic shifts and trends involve more than just the headlined sector or sub-sector. From the upstream companies producing the materials and components to the downstream manufacturers grabbing the headlines, they are all serviced and interlinked by a variety of other companies that we classify as the ecosystem. Our discretionary strategies focus on not only the downstream but also the upstream and the integral companies that benefit regardless of who the winners are.


Global Macro & Multi-Strategies

Myst Capital’s core foundations and roots stem from the global macro and micro economies ranging from the G7 to the Emerging Economies of Central Asia and the heart of Africa. Our experience and expertise is intertwined into the core fabric of our discretionary decision making.

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